with Pobeda

POBEDA in numbers
> 50 million
> 130 flight
routes in Russia and abroad
> 9 million
customers in 2020
> 13.5 million
passenger traffic planned for 2021
> Ranked 5th
among the fastest growing airlines of the world
> 92%
average flight loading in 2020, almost at the pre-crisis level
Advertising formats
Boarding pass advertising
  • 25% of the front side
  • 100% of the back side
  • Maximal exposure
  • Passengers keep their boarding passes throughout the entire flight
Advertising on paper cups and air sickness bags
  • Maximal exposure
  • Capacity for promotional activities
  • Interactive advertising
  • Full-size placement
Aircraft branding
  • Distinctive advertising format
  • Brand imaging
  • Wide coverage
  • Plenty room for creativity
Ads on the website and service letters
  • Audience targeting
  • Clickable banners
  • Packaged promotions
  • Easy tracking of placement performance
Advertising on overhead bins
  • Customers see ads throughout the entire flight
  • Multiple interaction
  • Room for creativity
Handing out of brochures and leaflets
(at the airport or on board)
  • Wide coverage: ad campaign can start in many cities
  • Variety of advertising materials
Advertising in the in-flight magazine Vestnik Pobedy
  • The only source of entertainment on board
  • The only source of entertainment on board
  • Ads placed next to high-quality information content